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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Top 10 Free Online Buying and Selling Sites in the Philippines

10:25 PM

Admit it, you’re a web shopaholic. You either have a passion for finding the best deals online or have a room full of stuff you want to sell. I’ve compiled a top 10 list of the best buying and selling websites at your disposal:


Post an ad for jobs, cars or anything else in Philippines. Not as organized and moderated as well as the others but comes up doing a Google search pretty well.


Buy and sell properties in your region conveniently. The layout of the site is lacking but pretty easy enough to understand.


88db philippines
Online Classified & Advertising Service Portal website that offers free online advertisements for business & freelancers.


Facebook selling buying
Ok this isn’t really a buy and sell site but some have success with it. The social media powerhouse has a more personal reach within your existing friends network, but don’t abuse it. People hate being tagged in pictures with items for sale.


What was suppose to be the swiss knife of social media sites evolved into specialized shopping network.


Shopinas logo
I foresee Shopinas as the future of online shopping in the Philippines. It get’s tiresome having to haggle and meetup with  sellers and buyers through regular methods. This slick website just makes a lot of sense.


Probably the best of the best among the specialized items selling sites. Even non-techies visit here. Tipid pc focuses on tech products thile it’s sister , tipidcp, foruses on cellphones.

Online forums

forums philippines selling
Special interest discussion groups usual have a buy and sale section within the message boards. Here you will find great deals from true enthusiast of the hobby


ebay philippines
The giant name in online auctions has a Philippine version.


sulit free online selling buying
Sell anything as easy as cake. What makes this site very strong is it’s SEO value. If you google something you’ll probably see sulit in the 1st page of results.



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